walk2 Quest for Glory 2 Walkthrough

How do I get the local currency?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Use the QFG2 map that can found in the "Map" section of this webpage to direct yourself to the

What should I buy with my money?

Fighter: cloth bag, map, compass and a lamp. Sword is optional.
Wizard: Everything the fighter has plus spells if possible.
Thief: Same as fighter plus a magic rope and daggers.

What should I do in the Adventurer's Guild?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: You should sign the log book as well as read the message board. Sparring with Uhura is always a good
idea. You can also come back here to get rewards later on in the game.

Where can I buy a saurus?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: On the second or third day you can go outside the city gates to the saurus lot and meet Honest Ali. You
can buy a saurus from him for as low as 5 dinars or as high as 50 dinars, depending on how you bargain with him.

Where is the dervish?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: You can find the dervish 3 screens east and 5 screens down of Shapeir. Take some of his beard and
give it to Keapon Laffin in the magic shop.

Where do I find the astrologer?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Use the map to find astrologer. Tell him about your past and go back to him tomorrow to get your
fortune told.

Where is Aziza?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: You can find the location of her house on this map.

What are the answers to Aziza's riddles?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: When she asks you your name, say your name. When you asks you who sent you there, say "Keapon
Laffin". The element most appropiately associated with his shop is air. Finally, when she asks you the long riddle, tell her the
answer is "Aziza".

How do I beat the fire elemental?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Go to the apothecary and buy a packet of incense. Go back to the fire elemental and use it. He will
follow you. Lead him out into the streets and when he is far away enough pour water on him and use the lamp to contain him.

How do I beat the air elemental?

Fighter: You will need the bellows to capture it. Go to the blacksmith and arm wrestle the blacksmith by telling him about the air
elemental. Get some dirt from the plant merchant and throw it at the air elemental. Then use the bellows on it.
Thief: Same as fighter except steal the bellows at night instead of arm wrestling.
Wizard: Same as fighter except use fetch at night to grab the bellows.

How do I beat the earth elemental?

Fighter: You will need to get "Soulforge", a weapon that Rakeesh the liontaur owns. Go to the Adventurer's Guild to get it.
After you get it attack him and use the cloth bag to capture him.
Wizard: Same as fighter except cast flame dart on the elemental instead of getting the sword.
Thief: Same as fighter except go to the apothecary and buy a bag of fire powder. Throw it at the elemental.

How do I beat the water elemental?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Go to the center plaza. You will need to drop a water bottle and use the bellows on the elemental.

How do I free the caged beast?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: You will need to get a gryphon feather and a fruit of compassion. A gryphon feather can found by the
gryphon under a rock. Ask the gryphon about the feather and he'll tell you about it. To get the fruit of compassion, go to Julanar
the tree woman. You must give her water, tell her about yourself, give her the earth elemental, tell about it, give her a hug and
say her name. Then you take the ingredients back to the apothecary and get the dispel potions. You should give the caged
beast some water, then take its hair and give it the dispel potion.

Is there anything else of importance I need before I go to Raseir?

Fighter: Get a pin from a katta in the palace plaza. Also, you will get notices from the Adventurer's Guild of some strange notes.
Follow the orders. You will find yourself locked up in chains. Break the chains and when you are free duck to the right by
hitting the right arrow key and you will run over to your equipment. Fight the guard and you will be admitted into the EOF (I
don't kill the guard even thought they tell you to).
Wizard: Get a pin from a katta in the palace plaza. You will also need to find the W.I.T. You can use your spell detect magic to
find it. Once there you will need to pick a sponser. Choose Erasmus. To pass the first test, you will need to cast detect magic,
fetch (on the magic bell) and trigger. To get past the air test, you cast fetch on the staff and then levitate. To get past the earth
test, cast trigger, climb over it and cast trigger again. To get past the ice test, cast flamedart and forcebolt until it breaks. To get
past the fire test, cast fetch on the door, cast calm on the flames, cast fetch to close the door and force bolt on the top of it to
knock the door over. Then just walk across.
Thief: Get a pin from a katta in the palace plaza.

What should I do in Raseir?

Fighter, Wizard: Don't do anything the first day there, but on the second day go to the center plaza. Then as you walk out
follow the woman and give the girl your spare clothes and visa. Wait until the the third day and get arrested.
Thief: Do the same except make the thief sign to the man in the Blue Parrot Inn. On the second day at night, climb into the room
he asks you to, sneak over to the display case, use oil on the case, take the bird and get out.

How do I get the katta to help me in jail?

Fighter: Break the jail door open, get your items and show him the pin.
Wizard: Same as fighter except use the spell open on the door.
Thief: Same as fighter except pick the lock on the door.

Ad Avis just hypnotised me and now I have to open a door. How do I do it?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Use the mirror.

How do I get across the shore underground?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Jump from shore to log to shore.

How do I stop from being blown back down?

Fighter: Right by the shore there is a small hole. Use your strength to smash it shut.
Wizard: Same as fighter except use the spell force bolt to close off the hole.
Thief: Same as fighter except use a dagger to close off the hole.

How do I get past the lava zone?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Use your water to keep yourself cool.

How do I get down from the ledge?

Fighter: Jump down.
Wizard: Levitate down.
Thief: Use your rope.
How do I open the door?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Say the word suleiman.

I'm stuck in a room where Ad Avis left me and I can't get out.

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Go down the spiral and look at the stalagtites (or stalagmites). There is a ring on one of them. Put it one
and a genie will grant you three wishes. Use two of the wishes for improving your stats and the last one to teleport to Raseir.

I'm in Raseir. Now what?

Fighter: Go over to the palace and fight the guards. Enter the palace. You wil be on top of a balcony. Jump down from the
balcony and fight Khaveen. When you drop your sword quickly grab it. When drops his let him pick it up (you don't have to let
him). Run up the stairs to the doors. Break them open (even after getting shocked) and run away from the statue that attacks
you. Knock over a candle and push Ad Avis over the edge of the balcony. You won the game!
Wizard: Go to the palace and cast dazzle on the guards. Run through the doors and you will find yourself on a balcony. Cast
calm on Ad Avis and trigger on the doors. Go up to Ad Avis' room and cast trigger on the statue. Cast reversal on yourself and
cast fetch on a candle. Run over to the west side of the room and cast force bolt on the fire pot. He will be pushed over the
side. You won!
Thief: Use your rope to climb up to the room with the veil by it. Make sure the guards don't see you. Sneak past the guards and
go into the room across from Ad Avis' room. Use your rope and walk across to the other room. Throw a dagger to knock a
candle out of place. Then crawler over to while ducking him and throw a dagger at him. He will fall off the balcony. You won!