walk1 Quest for Glory 1 Walkthrough

How do I get the healer's ring?

Fighter: Throw rocks at the birds nest outside of her house.
Wizard: Cast fetch on the birds nest.
Thief: Climb the tree and get the ring.

How do I beat the weapon's master?

Fighter: You can beat him in the EGA version, but I have never beat him in the VGA version. You do it by working all your
skills up very high, such as 90 or 100. You can do this by fighting monsters. Then, pay him for a lesson and only thrust. If you
are good enough, you will beat him.
Wizard, Thief: Can't.

What do I do with the frost giant?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: You have to give him food. Then he gives you a gem in exchange that you use later on in the game. You
have to give him 50 apples. You can buy them at the farmers mart in town.

How do I get past the skulls near baba yaga?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Give the gem you got from the frost giant to the skull in charge of the gate.

What is the rhyme for baba yaga's hut?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Hut of brown, now sit down.

How do I open the ogre's treasure chest?

Fighter: Use your sword to smash it open.
Wizard: Cast open.
Thief: Pick the lock.

How do I get past the bear in the cave?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Give it food.

How do I beat the kolbold?

Fighter: You will have to fight it. Search the room after you kill him.
Wizard: Cast flamedart on him.
Thief: Use your sneak ability and take his key.

What do I do with the key the kobold has?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Use it on the bear's chain.

How do I get the dispel potion?

Fighter, Thief: You need several ingredients. First, go to the dryad southwest of town. She says she needs a seed. You can get
it from the purple plants north of town. Rely on your throwing ability to knock the seed out of the air as the flowers spit them.
For the mushrooms, go the fairy ring. For the water, go to the waterfall near Henry the Hermit's house. Flowers can be found in
Erana's peace. Get the green fur by talking to the meeps and asking about "green fur". You can get the fairy dust by going to the
fairy ring at night, dancing for the fairies and asking for some dust.
Wizard: Same as fighter and thief except use force bolt or fetch to get the seed. Also get the scroll from the meeps.

How do I get to the brigands' secret entrance?

Fighter: You need to overhear Bruno talking with one of his friends. They will be at the archery range south of town at noon.
After listening to them, go back and fight him to get the key. Go to where the antwerp is (south) and use the key in the stone
that he was bouncing right by. Open the door and say the password.
Wizard: Same except use flamedart to kill Bruno's friend.
Thief: Throw a dagger at Bruno's friend.

How do I get past the minotaur?

Fighter: Fight him.
Wizard: Cast calm and walk past him.
Thief: Sneak past him when he isn't looking.

How do I open the brigands door?

Fighter: Smash it down or use the hand icon to click on it twice (in VGA version).
Wizard: Cast open.
Thief: While sneaking past the minotaur, go over to the right side of the screen where there is a "ledge". Climb up it.

How do I get past the brigands' traps?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: First, don't walk down the middle. There is a pit trap underneith the carpet. Go to the right but make
sure that you use the eye icon to look at the string going across the floor or type "step over rope" or "step over string". Then use
the bridge to the right to walk across. Then, look at the other rope going across the floor or type "step over rope" again to
avoid being killed.

How do I get past the three brigands that come after me?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: First, bar the door you just came through. Wait until they look into the room and start to walk away.
Immediately use the chair to bar the other door to the right. When they come through, wait until they walk quite a bit towards
you and knock over the candle-holder. Wait a little and climb up onto the table. After you knock them out, go through the door
that leads north.

How do I get past Yorick's maze?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Go to the door that leads to the right and walk through it. Pull the lever in front of you. Go back through
the door and walk up to the door that opened. Walk through that and open the next door. It will start to move back and forth.
Get out of the way! The door will fall on you otherwise. Go through the opening to get by his maze.

How do I dispel the brigand leader?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Throw the potion at her. Before you leave, get the mirror on her desk and exit to the right.

How do I get rid of baba yaga?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Go to her hut and use the mirror by clicking it on her or typing in "use mirror". She will cast a spell and it
will reflect back on her and change her into a frog. You won the game!