Walk3 Quest for Glory 3 Walkthrough

Where do I exchange my money?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: There is a money changer in town. Visit him. He is to the far left.

What do I do about the thief stealing from the money changer?

Fighter: Chase him
Wizard: Cast flame dart, force bolt or calm on him.
Thief: Throw a dagger at him.

What should I buy in town?

Fighter, Wizard: 1 fine spear, 1 fine dagger, 5 zebra skins, rope, honey, tinderbox, beads, 1 fine robe and food (lots of it.
Preferably meat).
Thief: Same as fighter and wizard as well as oil.

What do I do with the note I have?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Go to the southern part of the bazaar and give it to the katta. Then try to buy a carving. The katta will
give it to you as a token of appreciation.

Is there anything else that I can do in town to help myself out?

Fighter: Go to the apothecary and talk to him, as well as buy healing and vigor pills. Ask him about the dispel potion.
Wizard: Same as fighter except buy mana pills as well. Also practice magic in Kreesha's house.
Thief: Same as fighter except make the thief sign to the rope maker. Pay him 50 royals to learn acrobatics (which adds to

How do I get the ingredients for a dispel potion?

Fighter, Thief: Visit the bat place on the map. Go there and go back out. Then go back there again. A bat will get himself
caught. Use rocks or a dagger to attack the plant. The plant will go away. Give the wounded bat a healing pill. Go away and
come back. Take the berries and the opal. When you leave Tarna in a few days, go to the pool of peace and get some water in
there. Get two pouches full of it at night when the moon is glimmering on it. Take one of them to the giant tree and go up to the
top of it. Put the water on the platform and take the plant.
Wizard: Same as fighter and thief except use flame dart or force bolt on the plant.

What do I do with the monkey in the cage?

Fighter, Wizard: Free him.
Thief: Free him later in the game when you break into the leopardman chief's hut.

What do I do about the leopard man that has been captured?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Use the dispel potion on him/her.

How can I marry the leopardlady?

Fighter: You will need to go through the initiation test. To do this, first you must get a horn from the running dinosaur and give
the liabon the bride price. Follow these steps to win the contest. After you run, use a vine from a tree and tie it around the
spear. On the next event, push the log through the sticks the log to get the ring. When the liabon's son gets his leg stuck in the
hole, help him. In spear throwing contest, throw the spears and win (you will need to practice on this one). When you wrestle
on the bridge, go to the right when he goes left, duck when he jumps and vice versa. When you win, give the leopard lady the
fine dagger, the carving and the beads. Then let her out.
Wizard, Thief: You only need to give the leopard lady the fine dagger, the carving and the beads, as well as letting her go.

What should I do now?

Fighter, Thief: Stock up on food and meet with the thief that you helped capture eariler on in the game. Give him food and talk
to him. Go get the drum of magic too.
Wizard: Same as above, but also get a staff. You do this by going to the giant tree and going halfway up it. Move into the dark
cave and let the orbs surround you. Ask for the wood. You will have to get a blue orchid before you can get the magic wood.
Go into the forest and search for it. When you find it (it will be in up in a tree) cast fetch on it. Bring it to the platform and get
the wood. Take the wood to Kreesha and make a staff.

How do I get the drum of magic and what do I do with it?

Fighter: Ask the liabon about the war drum and get it. Go to the forest and meet the leopardy lady. You can give the drum
back to the leopard people.
Wizard: Meet the leopard lady. You will go to the leopard city and have to ask for the spear of death. When the shaman
challenges you, accept the challenge. First you have to summon your staff. Then when he casts a flame spell, use calm. When
he makes the room go dark, use juggling lights. When he makes a hole in the ground, use levitate. When he starts to attack you,
kill him.
Thief: Talk to the leopard lady. You will have to use your rope and walk across when you are in the leopard city to get to the
chief's hut. Jump (don't duck) when the black leopard attacks you. Go inside, free the monkey, get the spear, pick the lock on
his treasure chest and leave. Walk back across the rope and jump when the leopard acts you.

Demons ruined the conference and I can't go back inside of Tarna. What do I
do now?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Go to the eastern most screen you get to (in the overhead map). Manu will come and ask you to come
to his village. Go with him. Ask him to take you to the lost city. You may have to ask him up to 3 times before he'll actually do

How do I get across the waterfall?

Fighter: Ask Manu about the rope and cooperation. You might also have to tell him what you want to do. Then use the rope
and he'll help you get across by tying the rope to either side of the waterfall while you go across hand over hand.
Wizard: Same as fighter except you tie the rope around your foot and you have to cast levitate while he pulls you across.
Thief: Same as fighter except you tightrope walk across.

How do I open the door in the lost city?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Use the opal in the eye of the painting on the door.

How do I get past the demons guarding the room?

Fighter: Fight them.
Wizard: Use the Calm spell on them to make them doze off.
Thief: Sneak past them.

How do I beat my evil twin?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: You can't. You have to stick out the battle until the thief you helped capture in Tarna comes to help you.

How do I beat the demon wizard?

Fighter: When he turns the statue into a demon, attack it and kill it or you can use a dispel potion on it. Throw the spear of
death at the demon wizard. Push the statue over and use the shield to remove the orb from pedestal. You won the game!
Wizard: Cast trigger on the statue when he turns it into a demon. Also cast the reversal spell. Then summon your staff. When he
grabs it, cast trigger on it, causing you to cast the most powerful spell in the game. Thermonuclear attack! He will die. Use
forcebolt to knock the orb out of its pedestal. You won the game!
Thief: Start to climb up the pillar on the far left. Use the rope to walk over to the pillar that is across from your pillar. It is
toward the upper part of your screen. Then use the rope to go over to the pillar on the far right. Use your last piece of rope
with a grappling hook to throw it into the demon wizard. He will die and knock the orb from its pedestal. You won the game!