Walk4 Quest for Glory 4 Walkthrough

How do I get out of the first room I start in?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: You have to find three different skeletons that you will have to find. Use the hand icon to grab anything
you can. When you have a dagger and a piece from flint from the skeletons use it on the "cups" that are on the right side of the
screen next to a giant skull. Grab a lit torch from the right one and use the dagger to get out of the room by opening the door far
off in the distance.

How do I get across the pit?

Fighter: You will need to "grab" the rope and cross hand-over-hand.
Wizard: In the last room you were in there was a piece of cloth. You should have taken it. Hold the cloth up in the wind by
clicking it in random places above your head and cast levitate.
Thief: "Grab" the rope and tightrope walk across it.

How do I get to town?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Make sure that you grabbed the gold symbol before you go to town. You can find it where you talked
to Katrina (the woman that met you outside the cave). Go as north as you can, then east and north.

How do I get into the adventurers' guild?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: The most appropiate way is to talk to the Burgomiester. Then go inside his house and ask him about the
adventurers' guild. He will give you the key.

What can I do inside the adventurers' guild (and how do I get inside the thieves'

Fighter: Get the sword by breaking the glass case around it. Read some books in the library about climbing to get a free 100
climbing points if you didn't have the skill before. Also use the treadmill and practice climbing.
Wizard: Use the treadmill and read some books about magic. One of them will increase your magic skill.
Thief: Use the treadmill and the rope and hook. When you climb to the top of the rope you will see a thief sign. It means look
under the desk. Look under the desk and you will see another sign which shows you how to get into the thieves' guild.
Memorize the position of the four "hooks". Go over to the side of the bookself and click on the brown thing next to it. Move
the hooks into the same order that was on the diagram below the table. The picture above the bookself is actually a secret
passage. Climb the bookself and you will go into the thieves' guild. While in the thieves' guild, first grab the card that is in the big
painting on the wall. Then use it on the two locked doors to open them. Read the books in the bookself there to learn how to
disarm traps. Then go to the sewer grate that is on the other side of the room and "grab" it. You will get a yellow knob. Use the
knob on the safe. To open it, spell out the word "FILCH". As you may have noticed, some of the letters in FILCH aren't on the
safe. That is because the "/" marks between each letter are also letters as well. The / between A and C is B, between C and E
is D, between E and G is F and between G and I is H. When you open the safe, take the lockpick and use it on the desk, but
remember to disarm the desk first. Inside of it is a book and a thieves' tool kit. Read the book and take the toolkit. Then go
over to where the barrel is and "grab" it. There is a puzzle beneith it. The correct color combination is blue blue yellow for the
first row, green green green for the second row and red green red for the third row. The wall will move away to show you a
secret passage plus the chief thief is there (in the form of a bug). You can return him to normal by touching him with a statue that
you can find in the monastery. That is described in the next few questions.

How do I get inside the monastary?

Fighter: Use the gold symbol on the door.
Wizard: Same as fighter or use levitate.
Thief: Same as fighter or you can climb the wall.

What do I do inside the monastary?

Fighter, Wizard: There is a hexapod (a type of monster) above the fireplace. Feed it some garlic. Go over to the fire place and
"grab" one of the fire pokers. It reveals a secret passage. While down there drink some of the wine and leave.
Thief: Same as above except there is a blackbird above the door inside of the monastary. Grab it. Also while down in the
basement with the wine there is a small statue in the shape of a bug very close to you. Use a shopping bag to grab it. You can
use that on the chief thief to return him to himself.

How do I get into Dr. Cranium's lab?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: First, you must REPEAT the combonation of different bells at his first door. If the bells went green,
purple, green, just repeat them to get in. Next you need to get the key to his private laboratory. You can do this by going over
to the machine that traps animals and set it for antwerp (you do this by entering the description of a baby antwerp, which is
small, bouncy, no legs and loves avocado). Then take an avocado sandwich and put it in the machine. You have to open the
door on the right hand side and baby antwerps will come flying out. Wait a little while and the machine will capture an antwerp.
You then open the other door and guide the antwerp through the maze by moving the maze in different directions. When you
have the key move it over to the place where there is no wall and you will have the key. Use it on the last door and solve the
puzzle, which is the picture of a keyhole.

How do I answer the Leshy's questions?

Fighter: The first answer to his question about what is his name is "Leshy". You can find out that answer by reading the books in
the adventurers' guild. His second puzzle is to free a plant from goo. You can do this by going to the swamp where the statue of
a bug is. Look at the lower righthand side of the screen. There is a plant there surrounded by stones. Throw stones at the rocks
until the plant slides down to you. You then should replant it in Erana's Garden, where there is a hole in the ground with a
mound of dirt by it. The next question the Leshy asks you is who hides behind trick sticks. You can find out the answer by
going to where Baba Yaga is (there are some magical bushes blocking the way, so you will have say the rhyme "bushes here,
disappear!" to get them to disappear). The answer is Baba Yaga. The next riddle about who lives among the watery brine is the
Rusalka. You can find that out by going to the Rusalka and giving her flowers (she won't try to drown you if you do).
Wizard: Same as fighter except you should cast forcebolt on the rocks and fetch the plant instead.
Thief: Same as fighter except use acrobatics to do a flip over the bushes.

Igor is missing and the townspeople are accusing a gypsy of eating him. What
can I do?

Fighter: To prove that the gypsy is innocent, you must find Igor. Go to the graveyard. You will notice how a tombstone has
fallen over. Use your strength to lift it up. Igor is underneith it, still alive. When the gypsy is freed, go to the gypsy camp for a
warm welcome. Ask about the staff of Erana. After spending a night there go back to Igor and get a key from him.
Wizard: Same as fighter except cast open on the tombstone.
Thief: Same as fighter except use your grappling hook on a tree limb and then on the tombstone. You will use your hook like a
pulley to lift the tombstone up.

When it's nighttime, a fountain appears one screen below Erana's Garden.
What should I do?

Fighter, Thief: It won't appear for you. This is a wizard quest.
Wizard: Drink the water from the fountain. The next time it is nighttime, go back to that place. Keep on going back there at
night until the fairies appear. They want the staff of Erana (which is located at the entrance to town) and are going to use you to
get it. You should agree to let them use you to get it and in return they will teach you the spell that releases the staff from the

How do I get past the bushes that block the way to Baba Yaga?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Please refer to "How do I answer the Leshy's questions?" for the answer.

How do I get past the skulls in Baba Yaga's place?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: You need to get one of the skulls a hat. You do this by exploring Mordavia at night. If you go about two
or three screens south you will find a ghost. Talk to her. She will vanish. Leave the screen and go back to her. Keep on talking
to her. Finally click the mouth cursor on yourself (if you haven't figured this out yet your missing quite a bit of what you can talk
about in the game) and tell her she's a ghost. She will vanish. Leave again and come back. You should talk to her and get as
much information as possible. The ghost is Anna, Nicholas' wife. In the morning, tell Nicholas (he's in town) about the ghost
and he'll leave to find his wife. When you go back there at night Nicholas is a ghost too. Now Anna and Nicholas can be with
each other forever. Ask him for his hat and he will give it to you. In the morning give it to the skull and the other skulls won't
bother you.

How do I get inside Baba Yaga's hut?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: Use some corn to get it to sit down. You can get corn from the corn stalks by the city gates.

Punnybones the jester is in the inn and told me that he has no sense of humor
because of Baba Yaga. How can I help him?

Fighter, Thief: Go to Baba Yaga. She will freeze you. When she asks about any last requests you should try to talk to her about
everything possible. If you say enough she will ask you to get an elderberry pie for her instead. You actually have to make one.
You do this by getting a pie pan (from the shop in town). You should take the rubber chicken from Punnybones' room and go
to the elderberry bush place. Throw some rocks at the bush until a branch falls off. Use the rubber chicken to distract the bush
and grab the berries. Put the berries in the pie pan. Fight a wraith or two (they appear at night) until you find some bones. Use
the big pot and pedestal at Baba Yaga's place to grind up the bones (put the bones inside of it, grind it up and use a bottle to
get the bone powder) and put them inside of the pie pan. Finally get some goo from the area around the statue of the bug in the
swamp. When it is done, put it on the ground for a skull to cook it. Take it inside to Baba Yaga and ask her about punnybones'
humor. She will give you a candy bar. Give it to Punnybone's and he will get his humor back. As a token of appreciation, he
will tell you the ultimate joke, a joke so funny no one can stop laughing when they hear it, but it can only be used once.
Wizard: Same as fighter and thief except use forcebolt and fetch on the elderberry bush instead of using rocks and distracting
the bush with the rubber chicken. Also go into Baba Yaga's hut a second time and give her some garlic. Ask her to give you a
spell and she will give you the invisibility spell.

How do I get inside the castle?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: You must get the key to the Borgov crypt from Igor. After you rescue him ask for it. Go to the
graveyard and use it on the door on the left side of the screen. You should then click on the Borgov seal. A puzzle will pop up.
Push the colors Brown, Orange, Red, Green, Orange and Violet (if you take the first letter of each color it spells out Borgov.
You will get a key. Use that key on one of the statues to go inside.

I am in the castle and there is a girl with a huge monster in a room. I can't get
in. What should I do?

Fighter, Wizard, Thief: That girl is Tanya, the missing daughter of the husband and wife that run the inn. If you want to talk to
her you will have to give her her doll back. You get it by sleeping for one hour in the inn at a time. When you finally get the
message "you are getting tired" go down to the first floor of the inn. Look above the fireplace. It's a domovoi. Talk to him and
go to sleep. Do it again the next night. The domovoi will tell you that another domovoi is trapped in the monastery. You have to
rescue it. You do this by going to Dr. Cranium and asking him about a rehydration formula. He will give you it in exchange for
some grue goo. You can get that by going to the swamp place where the big statue of a bug is and getting some goo. Give it to
Dr. Cranium and pour the rehydration formula on the domovoi in the monastery (he is on the "table" on the left hand side).
When you free him go, make sure you burn down the monastery by lighting the carpet on fire. The next night go back to the
other domovoi at night and he will tell you to get the doll (which is in the cabinet right by him). When you have the doll give it to

What can I do to return Tanya to her human form?

Fighter, Thief: You must tell her about the staff. The legend behind the staff is that one person can sacrifice their life to one they
love to return them to life. Once this exchange happens the staff is freed from the rocks that hold it. You must tell Tanya about
this (if you can't talk to the gypies some more about the staff. They will tell you the legend). She and Tobi (the monster who she
loves) will go with you to town. The staff of Erana will begin to speak to you. It will ask Tobi if he really wants to sacrifice his
life to return Tanya to normal, if he really wants to do it. Tobi says yes and dies, while Tanya is returned back to her human
form. Poor Tobi :(
Wizard: Same as fighter and thief except cast the ritual of release spell on the staff.

I got a note from Katrina to meet me but it was really Ad Avis. What should I

Fighter: Let him capture you. You can do this by standing still and letting his dogs pounce on you. When you are in the
dungeon, use your strength to break the shackles. Grab the stake and hammer by you. Go over to the iron maiden torturing
device and open it up. It is actually a secret passageway. There is a coffin in the secret room. Go over to the coffin and open it
up. Katrina is in there. She is a vampire. Instead of killing her, kiss her. She will wake up and start to torture you. In order to
get out of that place you will have to agree to find the dark rituals that she needs.
Wizard: Same as fighter except use the open spell to open the shackles.
Thief: Same as fighter except use your toolkit to pick the lock.

Where do I get all of the rituals?

Fighter, Thief: The first ritual you get it by drinking the wine in the basement of the monastery. The next ritual you get is by
killing specific wraith in the forest. He is towards the south end of the map. The next one is obtained from Baba Yaga. Give her
garlic to get it. Another you get by going to the tomb in the swamp and fighting the two guards that are there. Use the gold
symbol on the tomb and spell out "Avoozl". The last one you get by taking candy and putting it on the ground on the swamp at
night for the willo of the wisp to get. Use the glass bottle to capture them. Go over the statue of the bug in the swamp and use
the willo of the wisps as a light source. Then take the gold symbol and put it on the statue. Spell out the word "avoolz" and take
the ritual from there (please note that I have had trouble doing this and it has taken MANY attempts for it to actually work). Go
back to the castle and give them to Katrina.
Wizard: You also get one from killing the fairies instead of from the wraith.

How do I get back across the pit?

Fighter: Use the rope to climb down. You will wake up the creature. Fight him and take the book. Read it. Grab the rope and
use it to climb back up the other side.
Wizard: Cast calm on the monster and then levitate down one side and up the other. Cast fetch on the book.
Thief: Same as fighter except sneak past the monster. Grab the book carefully.

How do I complete each ritual?

Fighter: Go into the first room. While in there push the gold symbol against the stone and say the ritual of bone. When the bone
cage comes around you, use your strength to break it open. Go to the next room. In it manuever yourself to the big snake head
and cast the ritual of blood. Go into the next room. You have to read the ritual and then blow into each of the tubes as the ritual
tells you to. Then say the ritual again. As you begin to walk by, the wind will grab you. hold on to some plants by the side until
the wind stops. In the last room, move from the right side of the screen to the left, then up and then right. You will have all your
senses back. Cast the spell and get out of there. Finally cast the heart ritual in the big room that has all the doors and climb up.
Wizard: In the first room push the gold symbol against the big skull and read the ritual. When the bones come up around you,
cast frostbite on them, flamedart and then forcebolt. In the second room manuever over to the big snake's head and cast the
blood ritual. In the next room read the ritual, blow in the appriopiate tubes that the ritual asks you to, read it again and walk
over to the other side. The wind will capture you. Wait until you are stuck inside of the giant "lung". Cast calm and then open. In
the sense ritual move to the left side of the screen, go up and then right. Cast the ritual and then go out. If there is an electrical
stalagmite that is blocking you from going cast lightning on it to overfry it. Finally cast the heart ritual in the big room that leads
to the other rooms and cast levitate to go up.
Thief: In the first room, push the gold symbol against the big skull and cast the ritual of bone. Jump out of the bones that
surround you. In the second room use acrobatics to jump over and towards the giant snake's head and cast the ritual of blood.
In the third room, cast the ritual of breath, blow into the correct tubes (as the ritual says) and read it again. Then use acrobatics
to jump over the area where the "lung" is (it's in the middle of the screen). In the sense ritual, walk from the right side of the
screen to the left, then up and then right again. Cast the ritual and go out. Finally, go into the room which connects the other five
rooms and cast the heart ritual. Either climb or use acrobatics to go up.

How do I beat Ad Avis?

Fighter: Tell Ad Avis the ultimate joke. When he starts laughing go over to him and drive the stake through his heart. Then
touch the crystal with your staff to free Erana. You have won the game!
Wizard: Summon your staff and tell Ad Avis the ultimate joke. While he is laughing, cast force bolt on him. Then summon your
staff again and touch it against the crystal to free Erana. You have won the game!
Thief: Tell Ad Avis the ultimate joke. When he is laughing, throw a dagger at him. Then touch the staff against the crystal to free
Erana. You have won the game!